Precipitation Process


Zinc Stearate is a soft fine fluffy free flowing powder having characteristics odour. It is a “zinc soap” that is widely used industrially. It is a white solid that repels water and is in soluble in alcohol and ether but soluble in acid. The main application areas of Zinc Stearate are plastic & rubber industries where it is used as a releasing agent and lubricants.

Zinc Stearate through precipitation process. This grade has a fine particle size and low residual mineral impurities. That is why its main applications are required in mostly Paints, Lacquers and industrial coatings.

Through precipitation process light weight Zinc Stearate is produced.


  • We can produce extra light weight Zinc Stearate with bulk density < .100gm/ ss.
  • We can produce Zinc Stearate with excellent melt transparency and the product remains transparent even after solidifying.

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